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Copyright is publishing agreement between the author(s) and Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor. It gives the author(s) exclusive rights over how others use their article published in the Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor. By signing this agreement, the author(s) transfer copyright to the Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor as part of a journal publishing agreement, but have retain significant rights the right to:

  1. Hold the copyright without restrictions.
  2. Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data) used in the article.
  3. Use the article for personal, academic or non-commercial purposes without asking permission from Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor.
  4. Repost the article on their own personal or institutional website, for which no charge for access is made.
  5. Make a reasonable number of copies for personal, research or non commercial including academic purposes.
  6. Use figures or tables or extracts of text (up to 250 words) in other publications.
  7. Use the article in a course pack or compilation (whether paper or electronic) in the authors’ institution. This does not apply if a commercial charge is made for the compilation or training programme.

Permission for third parties to use and reproduce the article Any individuals, group or institutions else other than the author(s) who wants to reproduce an article published in Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor needs to ask editorial board's permission. The board is pleased to grant permission, though in many cases we will charge a fee. Permission should be sought by contacting one of the following editorial board members below:

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