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Our online submission system guides you stepwise through the process of entering your article details and uploading your files. Microsoft Word (.docx) files are required to typeset your article for final publication. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision, is sent by e-mail. Submit your article Please submit your article via

Article Processing, This process has several sub-processes:

  1. Desk Evaluation by Editor(s)

    A senior editor first screens the submission for desk evaluation. The senior editor evaluates whether the paper addresses a topic and uses a genre that fits with the scope and mission of Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor and the paper has achieved a level of quality that justifies further evaluation by a review team.

    The senior editor then makes a decision whether to seek appropriate reviewers. If the senior editor has a high level of expertise in the topic of the paper, he/she may engage for reviewing process. If submissions do not pass the initial screening(s), they are returned to the authors as inappropriate or rejected submissions. Papers that pass the initial screening are then sent to a panel of reviewers (usually two or three).

  2. Paper Similarity Checking

    The submitted paper will be proceed by Grammarly for similarity check to avoid plagiarism.

  3. Deletion of author name & affiliation in the paper prior to sendingtoreviewer(s)

    The author name and affiliation in the paper will be deleted to ensure fair, credible and high quality reviewing as part of double blind review process.

  4. Sending the papertoreviewer(s)

    Papers that pass the desk evaluation are then sent to a panel of reviewers.

  5. Reviewing process

    Jurnal Ilmiah Kursor strives to provide authors with timely, high-quality reviews. Nonetheless, a full review process may take approximately 6 to 24 weeks from receipt of the manuscript to the first review result.

  6. Sending review result to author

    Once review comments are returned to the editors, the editor distributes them to authors and makes an editorial recommendation regarding publication, revision,  decline, or resubmit the publication.  The senior editor uses this recommendation as a basis for his/her final decision.

    The editors are guided by the recommendations of reviewers. Senior editors make a final judgment on a manuscript based on the review result, and send their report plus a copy of the reports provided by the reviewers to authors.

  7. Sending revisiontoreviewer(s)

    The editor provides the reviewers with a copy of the review reports they send to the authors.  Authors’ names are removed from the copy of the review reports sent to the reviewers.

  8. Proofreading

    Proofreading could be done by a professional proofreading services. We do not provide the proofreading work.


There are NO submission and processing FEEs, and all authors of manuscripts which are accepted for publication also FREE of  the Author Publishing Charges.





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