• Risanuri Hidayat Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Muhammad Oka Bagus Wibowo
  • Brama Yoga Satria
  • Anggun Winursito


The face is among the biometric objects used to recognize one’s identity. There are various face recognition system methods that can be applied, one of which is geometric features-based face recognition. Geometric features are unique features extraction of one’s facial components. These features are obtained by calculating the comparison values of the distance measurement between facial components served as a reference like eyes, nose, and mouth. This research implemented a face recognition system using the geometric features method on a significantly low-spec computer system. This implementation was carried out by building a system, installing it on a computer system, and then testing it using laptops or computer devices and the camera web. The face recognition system would process the facial input images, extract their geometric features, and match the results with the data stored in the database. The research results were a low-spec computer system that could recognize its users by providing real-time feedback in the form of users’ names with an accuracy of 98%.


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